saski_a, previously known as SaskiaDraak or TheNobleSurvivor is a well known FEAR Officer, she has served in every elite division and almost every department in FEAR. She is mostly known due to her reputation as the most active and loyal Officer in FEAR, she is also very known for her no tolerance and unique events she hosts.

At the end of 2016 saski_a was voted as: "Most Dedicated F.E.A.R. Member", "The F.E.A.R. No Lifer", and "Keyboard Warrior Award". This was due to her high influence in the community alongside being the most active Officer throughout the entire year.

On 4/2/2017, saski_a announced that she will shortly resign from all departments and divisions but remain as an Officer due to real life problems. She stated that one day she may return back into full activity, but said that this will not be for a while.